Days of Poetry and Wine 2012

In seventeen years, the Days of Poetry and Wine festival brought to Slovenia over 400 poets from all over the world. In 2010 it found its domicile in Ptuj, where it continues the tradition of great evening readings and concerts and meetings with poets, translators, musicians, actors, storytellers, performers and other lovers of poetry, wine and warm summer evenings under the stars. If evenings are devoted especially to poets and their verse read in a multitude of world languages, afternoons are filled with events for children and opportunities for close encounters with poetic guests – either at poetic breakfasts and round table discussions or at private readings which take place on hidden and magical courtyards of Ptuj. Twenty guest poets, who will bring their verse in their native languages, will also bring twenty new bilingual booklets of poetry which replaced last year's festival collection as a tribute to the European Capital of Culture, Maribor 2012.

Festival guests in 2012 were:

Milan Jesih (Slovenia)

Dan Coman (Romania)

José F. A. Oliver (Germany)

Joseph Gale Burns (Great Britain)

Ekaterina Josifova (Bulgaria)

András Gerevich (Hungary)

Oleksander Irvanec (Ukraine)

Andrzej Sosnowski (Poland)

Mile Stojić (BiH)

Eduard Escoffet (Spain)

Maarja Kangro (Estonia)

Semier Insayif (Austria)

André Velter (France)

Valerie Mejer (Mexico)

Ilma Rakusa (Switzerland)

Gajas Al-Madhun (Palestina)

Tina Kozin (Slovenia)

Katja Perat (Slovenia)

Mateja Bizjak Petit (Slovenia)


Days of Poetry and Wine 2012 are a part of Poetry re-generation project

Project coordinator: Študentska založba

Project coorganizers:

-          Ars Poetica NGO

-          Rámus Förlag HB

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