Days of Poetry and Wine 2013

In seventeen years, the Days of Poetry and Wine festival brought to Slovenia over 400 poets from all over the world. In 2010 it found its domicile in Ptuj, where it continues the tradition of great evening readings and concerts and meetings with poets, translators, musicians, actors, storytellers, performers and other lovers of poetry, wine and warm summer evenings under the stars. If evenings are devoted especially to poets and their verse read in a multitude of world languages, afternoons are filled with events for children and opportunities for close encounters with poetic guests – either at poetic breakfasts and round table discussions or at private readings which take place on hidden and magical courtyards of Ptuj. Guest poets, who will bring their verse in their native languages, will also bring new bilingual booklets of poetry which in 2012 replaced festival collection.

Same as each year, the festival will come to life in the last days of August, from 20th to 24th August 2013, when the windows of Ptuj fly their banners with verse and when paved streets turn into poetry meadows. Lines translated into Slovenian and English, the faces of poets who you have met or may still meet in Ptuj, and other poetic fragments may be found throughout the year at the Festival website, which is turning into the largest Slovenian archive of contemporary poetry.

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This year the festival will host the following poets from around the world: 

Yang Lian (China)

Michel Deguy (France)

Josip Osti (Slovenia)

Jenny Tunedal (Sweden)

Stefan Schmitzer (Austria)

Joachim Sartorius (Germany)

Nico Bleutge (Germany)

Naeimeh Doostar Sanaye (Iran)

Ana Seferović (Serbia)

Zvonko Maković (Croatia)

Julio Salgado (Argentina)

Lars Skinnebach (Denmark)

Ester Naomi Perquin (Netherlands)

Željko Ivanković Višnjik (BiH)

Guy Goffette (France)

Emmanuel Moses (France)

Tatjana Ščerbina (Russia)

Barbara Pogačnik (Slovenia)

Andrej Medved (Slovenia)

Miquel Mestre (Catalonia) 

Joh Tachibana (Japan)

Wine Program:

This year we will see a greater emphasis on the wine program than ever before. In the evenings the audience on Vraz Square will relish not only the poetry, but also the wine. Several vintners from the wine-growing country of Podravje, along with the guest vintner from the Primorska region, will see that the wine in the upcoming Days of Poetry and Wine Festival will play not merely a side role, but rather it will be a more significant stimulant to the events. The wine will be served at the wine altar – a special installation by designer Stanka Vauda Benčevič, which the vintners will employ as a bridge between wine and wine lovers. Indulging in a relaxing atmosphere and in the company of enologists and wine tasters, wine lovers will have the opportunity to learn more about individual wines, winemaking, their special characteristics, and more on site.  A coupon for three tasting samples or one deciliter will cost 2.50 EUR.

This year’s novelty will be marked by three wicked tastings which have, as an introduction to the central August events, unwound on a monthly basis since February, each time with a guest writer as well as a vintner, in the spirit of socializing and conversation. Having enthralled the audience, they will be held also during the first three days of the Days of Poetry and Wine Festival in pleasant and intimate locales, with a pronounced role of vintners and poetry as an accompaniment to the events:

Ptuj Wine Cellar, which continues the tradition of the local wine
cellar that was established back in 1239, will certainly convince
guests with its Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, which was awarded
a gold medal at the Decanter competition in London, while
others may favor their Italian Riesling of 2007, or Blaufränkisch
magnum of 2005.

The House of Gewürztraminer Steyer, from Plitvica near Gornja
Radgona, will bring the aroma of Traminer. In his mastery,
vintner Danilo Steyer is unmatched; he will bring three varieties
to the Wicked Tasting!: the classical sparkling wine, which is
very rare; the sweet sort which strokes us ever so pleasantly;
and the extremely macerated variety.

Aci Urbajs, from Rifnik near Šentjur, is an atypical character
among Slovenian vintners: a vineyard poet and a biodynamic
enthusiast, with a particular understanding of the nature and its
population. You are quite likely to be enthusiastic about the 2010
kerner or left cold with provocative Organic Anarchy 2011.

Renowned vintners of the Štajerska wine-growing district will
present their wines at the “wine altar” in Vraz Square. A particular
emphasis will be placed on the wines of the varieties and sorts
typical of Štajerska region of the most recent vintage. Every
festival evening from 7 PM onwards, you will be offered tastes of
wines of the following cellars: Ptujska klet, Verus, P&F Jeruzalem
Ormož, Joannes Protner House, Gaube, Steyer, Conrad Fuerst &
Soehne, Ducal and M-vina. The vintners of Štajerska will be joined
by Ščurek, their colleague from the region of Brda.

Welcome to Ptuj from August 21-24, 2013!