Days of Poetry and Wine 2014

26. 8. 2014 Evenings before Days (Kog, Krško, Laafeld/Potrna, Ljubljana, Maribor, Ormož, Veličane, Volče)

27.-30. 8. 2014 PTUJ

Days of Poetry and Wine, an international poetry festival based in Slovenia, is coming of age: this year we will celebrate its 18th edition. Since its founding in 1995 it has hosted more than 400 poets from around the world, among them many prominent names like Tomas Tranströmer, Paul Muldoon, Lars Gustafsson, Michel Deguy and Tomaž Šalamun but also young voices which are yet to come under spotlight.

Supported by charming atmosphere of the small town of Ptuj – center of the festival that lies in the heart of one of Europe's most fascinating wine-growing regions, at the cross-roads of several cultures – poetry and wine make a perfect couple. With its idyllic image Ptuj provides an ideal environment for informal but very fruitful communication between the participants, while its tradition of wine production offers an additional argument for strengthening the poetic dialogue.      

This year’s novelty is a new method for selection of participants: every year from now on participants will be chosen by two selectors with a two-year mandate. The first selectors are Slovene poet living in Sweden Lucija Stupica and a Ukranian-American poet Iliya Kaminski.

The festival will start on 23rd August with a Swedish-Slovene translation workshop (closed to public) and continue on 26th August with so called Evenings before Days in several Slovenian, Austrian and Croatian towns. The peak of the festival will be four days of intense program between 27th and 30th August at Ptuj. Along with the evening poetry readings, concerts, private readings, round tables, children's program and other essential events, the festival's rich program will also offer the best from the fields of contemporary music, thetre, film and photography.  

This year the festival will host 19 poets from 12 different countries:

Svetlana Makarovič (Slovenia)
Tomas Venclova (Lithuania)
Elke Erb (Germany)
Athena Farrokhzad (Sweden)
Ann Jäderlund (Sweden)
Niclas Nilsson (Sweden)
Gunnar Harding (Sweden)
Cvetka Lipuš (Slovenia)
David Bedrač (Slovenia)
Peter Mickwitz (Finnland)
Dragana Mladenović (Serbia)
James Byrne (UK)
Astrid Alben (UK)
Jackie Wills (UK)
Jana Bodnárová (Slovakia)
Lydia Steinbacher (Austria)
Dénes Krusovszky (Hungary)
Sara Ventroni (Italy)
Mizuho Ishida (Japan)

Slovene representatives at the translation workshop will be:

David Bedrač

Tina Kozin

Veno Taufer

Milan Jesih


Wine program

Led by Staša Cafuta Trček, renowned vintners of the Štajerska wine-growing region will present their wines at the “wine altar” in Vraz Square. A particular emphasis will be placed on the most recent vintage of the wines typical of Štajerska region. Throughout the festival, every evening from 19:00 onwards, you can indulge in wine tastings from the following cellars: P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Ptuj Wine Cellar, Verus, Joannes Protner House, Gaube, Steyer, Kraner-Plateis, Conrad Fuerst & Soehne, Turčan, Hlebec. Special guests will include Ščurek, a vintner from the region of Brdo, and STeraS wine cellar, a representative from Slovenian Istria.

An important part of the wine program will be Wicked tastings! While last year it was still a novelty of the poetry-wine season, serving as a warm-up for the central August events, this year it is already a tradition. Wicked Tastings have been held, without fail, every month since last August, featuring an invited literary guest and a vintner, engaging large audiences with witty conversation in the Muzikafe—events which never failed to impress. This tradition will continue over the first three days of the Days of Poetry and Wine Festival, held in smaller, more intimate spaces where the creativity of the vintner will be complemented by poetry. As the number of seats is limited to 12-25 (differing from one location to another), please book your place at

Join us at 18th Days of Poetry and Wine from 26th to 30th August 2014!