Days of Poetry and Wine 2015

25. August 2015 – Evenings before Days at several locations in Slovenia and across borders

26.-29. August 2015 - PTUJ

In 2015 Days of Poetry and Wine will become a part of Versopolis platform – a meeting point of eleven important European poetry festivals. Based on common activities Versopolis platform will link the festivals into a wider European programme that supports and promotes mobility of perspective European authors from different countries and their works, increases the number of translated works and accesibility of poetry, as well as includes the existing and new audience into creative process and creates possibities for international recognition of perspective authors.

We will give the floor to perspective poetic voices of younger and middle generation, who are not yet established in European space, more than ever before and upgrade the festival programme.

We are looking forward to new challenges!

Days of Poetry and Wine team

Festival Days of poetry and wine