Days of Poetry and Wine 2015

25. August 2015 – Evenings before Days at several locations in Slovenia and across borders

26.-29. August 2015 - PTUJ

Days of Poetry and Wine will wrap the town Ptuj in verses again this year, last week of August. For the first time the festival will be a part of poetry platform Versopolis, a meeting point of eleven important European poetry festivals, which supports mobility of emerging European poets from different countries, increases the number of their translated works and accesibility of poetry in general and engages existing and new audience into creative process.

The festival, which will start with a four-day Flemish-Slovene translation workshop on Saturday, 22nd August, will bring colorful events all around Slovenia, but also in Croatia and Austria at traditional Evenings before Days on 25th August and densified festival program between 26th and 29th August at Ptuj. Next to irreplacable Grand poetry readings and concerts, round tables and other program we also prepare a new series of events with five emerging authors from the Versopolis platform and several new private readings at yet undiscovered private locations at Ptuj.

This year's focus will be poetry from the Lowlands, represented by four poets from Belgium and The Netherlands at the translation workshop and the festival. This year's guests of honour will be Slovene poet Milan Dekleva and American poet C. D. Wright, who will also see the publication of her first poetry collection translated into Slovenian in book form. As an echo of last year's Swedish focus an anthology of contemporary Swedish poetry will be published and bilingual booklets with all festival guests' poetry as well.

Wine programme will be prepared by wine publicist Jože Rozman and wine taster Staša Cafuta Trček, who will organize Wicked tastings! and the Wine altar at Vraz square. This years novelty will be a Wicked tasting! which will take us to Ptuj's underground and another one which will present foreign wines for the first time - wines from Georgia, the cradle of winemaking with 8.000-year-old tradition.


This year's guests:


C. D. Wright                     (USA)

Milan Dekleva                   (Slovenia)


Luis Chaves                     (Costarica)

Volha Hapeyeva               (Belarus)

Silke Scheuermann            (Germany)

Mary Jo Bang                   (USA)

Azad Ziya Eren                 (Turkey)

Monica Pavani                  (Italy)

Judith Nika Pfeifer            (Austria)

Marjan Strojan                 (Slovenia)

Amarjit Chandan              (UK/India)


Focus (Belgium and The Netherlands):               

Hester Knibbe                 (The Netherlands)

Jan Baeke                      (The Netherlands)

Geert van Istendael         (Belgium)

Maud Vanhauwaert           (Belgium)


Versopolis poets:       

Justyna Bargielska           (Poland)

Vytautas Stankus            (Lithuania)

Gjoko Zdraveski              (Macedonia)

Pär Hansson                   (Sweden)

Ivan Šamija                    (Croatia)


Warmly invited to Ptuj from 26th to 29th August 2015!

Days of Poetry and Wine team

Festival Days of poetry and wine