Days of Poetry and Wine 2017

22. August 2017: Evenings before Days, different locations around Slovenia and abroad

23.-26. August 2017: Days of Poetry and Wine, Ptuj


Days od Poetry and Wine, the biggest international poetry festival in Slovenia, will take place for the 21st time in 2017. The festival will host as many guest poets, among which two guests of honour will receive special attention: Slovene poet Andrej Brvar and Chilean poet Raúl Zurita

The festival which will focus on contemporary Hungarian poetry this year, will begin with the traditional Evenings before Days on Tuesday 22nd August on eight different locations in Slovenia and Austria and continue with dense festival programme between 23rd and 26th August in Ptuj. The first festival day will be dedicated to last year's success called Water, speak!, which will take place on and next to the river Drava. After the Water, speak! programme the festival is moving to Ptuj's oldtown with the irreplacable grand evening poetry readings and concerts, charming private readings, wine tastings, wine workshop, art exhibitions, round tables, children's workshops and many other events for visitors of all ages and interests. 

Since 2014 Days of Poetry and Wine are a member of Versopolis poetry platform, supported by Creative Europe programme of the EU, therefore we will host five young and promising poets from all corners of Europe too.

This year's guest poets were chosen by two selectors: Tina Kozin (Slovenia) and Sharmistha Mohanty (India), who will appear at the festival as a poet too. Alltogether there are 21 guest poets coming to Ptuj this year:

Guests of honour:
Andrej Brvar (Slovenia)
Raúl Zurita (Chile)

Hungarian focus:
Ottó Tolnai (Hungary)
János Térey (Hungary)
Krisztina Tóth (Hungary)
István Vörös (Hungary)

Nikolina Andova (Macedonia)
Laura Accerboni (Italy)
Yekta (France)
Helwig Brunner (Austria)
Julia Szychowiak (Poland)

Milan Vincetič (Slovenia)
Ouyang Jianghe (China)
Pura López Colomé (Mexico)
Maxime Coton (Belgium)
Togara Muzanenhamo (Zimbabwe)
Franca Mancinelli (Italy)
Amir Or (Israel)
Ani Gjika (US)
Sharmistha Mohanty (India)

Stefan Hertmans (Belgium)


Highlights of the programme: 

Poetry Promenade

On the last festival day, Saturday 26th August, Days of Poetry and Wine will occupy the streets of Ptuj with grand Poetry Promenade and brighten the city center with Saturday's matinee atmosphere through poetry, music and dance. There will be numerous local musical, folklore and street theatre groups entertaining the young and the old between Dominican monastery, Prešeren street, Slovene square, Miklošič street, Town square, Aškerc street and Vraz square. All visitors are warmly invited to join the promenade in masks! 

The promenade is financially supported by the additional financial support of the City of Ptuj.

Open Letter to Europe

We are starting a new programme called Open Letter to Europe at this year's festival edition. Every year we will invite a well know European Poet/-ess to write an open, straightforward and polemic letter about a specific contemporary problem, which should be in his/her opinion highlighted. The Letter will be translated into Slovene, English, German, French, Russian and Chinese language, dispached to representatives of EU-institutions and published in key European media (national and international). The Letter will be read publicly by the Author at the opening of the festival. The first participating poet will be an award-winning Belgian author Stefan Hertmans.

More about the project.

Open Letter to Europe is organised in collaboration with Allianz Kulturstiftung.


Hungarian focus

With the support of the Balassi Institute in Ljubljana and Hungarian Writers' Association we will pay special attention to contemporary Hungarian poetry, as well as wine. We will host Ottó Tolnai, János Térey, Krisztina Tóth and István Vörös, who will participate in the pre-festival Hungarian-Slovene translation workshop in the company of Slovene colleagues Kristina Kočan, Ivo Svetina, Milan Vincetič and Andrej Brvar as well as the translator from Hungarian into Slovene, Gabriela Gaal. They will translate each other's poetry and present the translations at the main festival stage during the evening readings. Festival visitors will have a unique opportunity of tasting Hungarian wine as well – there will be wines by a Hungarian vintner available for wine tasting at the Wine Altar every evening from 19.00 till 22.00.

Hungarian focus is financially supported by Balassi Insitute in Ljubljana and the Hungarian Writers' Society.


Wine programme

During the festival the visitors will have the opportunity to visit the 45., 46. and 47. Wicked tasting! and taste the wines by Ptuj wine cellar, Verus vineyards and Monterosso cellar from Istria along with poetry of the festival guests. After some excellent responses from last year we will see the Wine Quiz and the Wine Workshop with wine journalist Jože Rozman again, who will have the assistance of the stand-up comedian Luka Korenčič at the Wine Quiz. The Wine Altar, prepared by the coordinator of wine tasting Staša Cafuta Trček and Muzikafe crew, will offer 15 carefuly selected wines, including one from Hungary and one from Croatia.

Main material sponsor of the wine programme is Ptuj Wine Cellar.


Days of Poetry and Wine wouldn't be possible without the financial support of the Slovene Book Agency, City of Ptuj, Creative Europe programme of the EU, Allianz Kulturstiftung, Balassi Institute, Hungarian Writers' Society, Austrian Cultural Forum, DEM (Drava Hydropowerplants Maribor) and many other supporters. Special thanks goes to Talum d. d. company in cooperation with Pan Kidričevo restaurant, which is providing delicious meals for festival guests throughout the festival.

Long live poetry and wine! 

Photo: Matej Pušnik