During this year’s festival there will be 54th, 55th and 56th edition of Wicked Tasting! It’s a brilliant opportunity for visitors to listne to chosen poets and try wines from Puj Winery, Kupljen from Jeruzalem-Svetinj and Vinakras from Sežana. Last year’s guests were thrilled with wine workshop, so this year’s repetition is a must. In the end there will be a fun award winning quiz. Maestro behind all this will be wine publicist Jože Rozman. Wine altar, lead by sommelier Staša Cafuta Trček, will introduce us fifteen carefully chosen wines from whole



For sixth year in a row this thrilling event invites us in its magical embrace. More and more admirers of poetry and winelovers come and enjoy the events. Witty, juicy, unusual, thrilling, lively and thoughtful talks with invited author and vintner take place. Wine publicist Jože Rozman invites them to talk about anything they wish and in monologues, but not too long, reveal their passions, inclinations, wishes, expectations, and their creativity, put into books or wines, before an appreciative and attentive audience. So far we have enjoyed 53 Wicked tastings!. They all were different and wicked in their own way. During the year they take place in cellar of MuziKafe in Ptuj with a cohost literary critic, during the Days of Poetry and Wine they happen in smaller, more intimate places in Ptuj, given by generous people of Ptuj. Since there is not much space there is a rule: whoever comes first, gets the best sits.



At each edition of Days of Poetry and Wine Ptuj Wine Cellar has stood by our side. So does this year. The atmosphere in their wine tasting room  is always pleasant, informative, sometimes even with touch of competition. Questions about wines we try are asked. Some visitors can leave with awards in their hands. The topic of this year are Italian and Rhine Riesling. Relatives? By no means. Why is their name the same, just the adjectives are different? Everything will be explained by contrasting three pairs. The first pair will be the youngest Rieslings from 2017, then Rieslings from dried grapes, one of them took the international trophy at Decanter competition, the highest award, the third pair will be venerably archival.

Poet guest: Marija Andrijašević


23rd August | THURSDAY

A starry afternoon. Don’t worry, Samo Kupljen from Jeruzalem-Svetinj will not be posing as a star. He could be since his wines are absolute stars, but he is not that kind of person. Three wines in our glasses come from the prestigious line Stars of Stiria. It was born one September night in 1995. Why and how? Why just from the best years? How much stars are there? Can the signature of the wine grower and the territory be recognized? So many questions! Answers will be offered by wines Passion 2015 with passion of pinot noir, chardonnay Sirius 2015, the brightest star of the night sky and Rhine Riesling Aldébaran 2017, a gigantic star in taurus. Samo himself is a taurus.

Poet guest: Jurij Andruhovič


24th August | FRIDAY

We have never hosted a vintner from the Karst region. It’s high time we mend this injustice. Tough, vigorous and persistent in their life, they are able to make unique wines from scarce red ground and cruel stones. They sure deserve our attention. When we say Karst, we mean teran. This special wine, protected since 2000 and unjustifiably claimed also by Istrians in Croatia, will be presented by Peter Boršič from Vinakras Sežana Winery. There will be three variations, first a sparkled version, then a young PTP 2017 and a 2015 matured in barrique barrels. People from Karst are proud of their teran and vitovska, a young, playful and fruity-scented lady.

Poet guest: Ivo Svetina



Both wine workshops organized so far were well visited. We will be happy to welcome those curious and enthusiastic about wine. The topic? How to create a new species. In eight thousant years more then 10,000 species of vine have been created with spontaneous or premeditated cross-fertilization. A lot of unusual coincidences must take place to create a new species. Genetics has a very spectacular role. When, in a time unknown, somewhere in Bordeaux region cabernet franc and sauvignon blanc mated, the first being the mother, the second the father, a well-known sort, loved by many, was born – cabernet sauvignon. More than a billion have since been born from that one vine. So it goes, so it was and so it will be in the future, since more and more species are created. Our workshop will not be a place for theory, but a place for enjoying all three species. We will try to find out the characteristics of the mum and the dad by tasting the new wine. The workshop will be hosted by Jože Rozman, wine publicist, taster, WSET 3 and Level 2 sommelier. Since only 25 people can attend the workshop, please make a reservation at email

If you want, you are invited to quiz about the topic. Individually, in pairs or in groups, as you like it. We are very democratic, as is wine.

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