THURSDAY, 23. 8.   | PTUJ CASTLE, 17.30 

Poetry reading of the guest of honour Michael Krüger and a concert of pianist Aleksandra Pavlovič, introducing the works of German composer Manfred Trojahn that were inspired by Krüger’s poetry.

There is music in poetry and poetry in music ... Melody of the word and the rythm of language are passing through composer's language. German composer is talking to us in German, French composer in French. During performing of new musical works happen marvelous leaps of thoughts.  Selection of Debussy's Preludes is a consequence of "Kruger-Trojahnovi's poetries".

Aleksandra Pavlovič graduated with distinction from the P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow in 2002 in the class of Prof. Lev Naumov. In 2004, she completed hear post-graduate programme with Prof. Vladimir Viardo and Prof. Andrei Diev. She has won numerous awards in national and international competitions. As a soloist, in chamber orchestras and as répétiteur to various renowned soloists she has appeared at various European festivals (Festival Ljubljana, Piranski glasbeni večeri, Abonma KD Nova Gorica, Grajske harmonije, Nei suoni dei luoghi ...). For 12 years she was a piano teacher and répétiteur atmusic school Nova Gorica and Slovene center for music education Emil Komel in Gorica; and from September 2017 at Musical studio Tartini. She works as a lecturer at different workshops (EPTA Slovenije, Mojstrski tečaj Leiria, Portugalska ...) and as a translator of  tehnical literature. (A. Boissier: Liszt As Teacher and S. Isserlis: Why Beethoven Threw the Stew). In 2012 she published her first CD with russian cellist Oleg Bugaev for MKD Soglasje and ZKP RTV Slovenija.


Michael Krüger (1943, Germany) is an oustsanding poet and intellectual, long-time editor of Publishing House Carl Hanser and activist for poetry and freedom of expression in the arts. Krüger's poetic opus is vast. It includes 30 books of poems and selections of his poetic opus. Michael also writes essays, short stories and novels. Krüger – as opposed to various poetic contemporaries – uses seemingly simple diction, which in it's deep melancholy speaks to readers in intimate, existentially solitary positions. It's at the same time explicit, musical and subltle emotional. A decade ago he was introduced in Slovenia as novelist, now he is visiting us with an extensive selection of his rich literary opus – with poetry.


VALENTINA COLONNA: ReSonances - PianoPoetry

FRIDAY, 24. 8.   | PTUJ CASTLE, 18.00 

ReSonances – PianoPoetry is a unique project in the Italian and international panorama of piano and poetry, conceived and edited by Valentina Colonna. Achieved for the first time together with the poet Davide Rondoni, the solo project debuted in 2018 at the historic Sala Maffeiana of the Verona Philharmonic Theater.


Valentina Colonna (1990, Italy) is a poetess and piano composer. She published poetry books Dimenticato suono (2010) and La cadenza sospesa (2015). She stood out in several poetry competitions and she was presented as an emerging poet by Davide Rondoni. Her poems were published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She is working on her Ph.D. in Digital Humanities at the University of Genoa and University of Turin. She is dedicated to phonetics and her research project is focused on the prosody of Italian poetry. After gaining her M.A. in Piano, she focused on the Baroque repertoire and earned her M.A. in interpretation of the ancient musicat the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) of Barcelona. Now she is devoted to piano composition and she performs her new concert projects with her piano music and poetry.

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