WEDNESDAY | 22. 8., THURSDAY | 23. 8., FRIDAY | 24. 8., Vraz square, 17.00

Three fairytaily-poetic hours

Idea and realization: Liljana Klemenčič

Children of all ages are invited to three fairitaily-poetic hours at Vraz square 2,
every day at 5 pm. Stories will be told by Liljana Klemenčič from the Library Ivan
Potrč Ptuj.

Wednesday, 22nd August: Pehar Suhih hrušk (Ivan Cankar, Lidija Osterc) in
druge bolj sadne;
Thursday, 23rd August: Pika – Poka (Lili Novy, Marjan Manček) in druge bolj
Friday, 24th August: Zlata vrtnica (Armenian fairy tale, Tone Žnidarič) in druge
bolj rožne.

Stories and poems travel and touch us. Do come!


FRIDAY | 24. 8., Ptuj City Cinema, 10.00

Put image behind image, rhyme Beside rhyme, and film experience will come
Slon po Animateki 2018

Short animated films, 42 min
Workshop leader: Tina Maroh
Film screening for children (5+) and a creative workshop

In cooperation with Ptuj City Cinema and Center for freetime activities


FRIDAY | 24. 8., SATURDAY | 25. 8., Vraz square, 15.00–17.00

Children’s workshop 

Idea and realization: Simona Kopinšek

We will write and we will paint, and change the poems into unique forms and images.
At the workshop we will use natural materials and create a mini poetic mobile!

The workshop will take place on Friday, 24th August, from 3-5 p.m., and on
Saturday, 25th August, from 3-6 p.m. at Vraz square.

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