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Bernadette Schiefer

Bernadette  Schiefer

Bernadette Schiefer (1979, Austria) has a M.A. in theology and a B. A. in Latinamerican studies and is also a German teacher. She has worked in the fields of photography, dramatic studies and theatre. Schiefer is also a novel writer and short stories writer. Her poems were published in several magazines. and anthologies. She was granted several scholarships, including the Hans Weigl Scholarship, Working Scholarship for Artists, Artist in Residence Scholarship in Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Ireland and Mexico. Her play Dissapeared was awarded 1st Prize of the Academy Graz in 2008.

Peter Waterhouse

Peter Waterhouse, born in 1956 in Berlin. Studied English and German in Vienna and Los Angeles. Writes poetry, essays, novelettes, novels and plays. Translates from English and Italian. 

Helwig Brunner

Helwig Brunner

Helwig Brunner (1967, Austria) was born in Istanbul as a son of Austrian parents. He studied Biology and Music in Graz, Styria/Austria, where he is now the editor of a poetry series at edition keiper, as well as the co-editor of the literary magazine Lichtungen. His literary work has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies in Europe and elsewhere. Brunner has published ten books of poetry (most recently Denkmal für Schnee, 2015, Die Sicht der Dinge. Rätselgedichte, 2012 and Vorläufige Tage, 2011) and some novels, short stories and essays. He has been the recipient of several literary prizes in Austria and Germany.