Erika Martínez

Spain, 1979

Erika  Martínez
© Lucía Martínez Cabrera (Zebra Audiovisual)

Erika Martínez (Spain, 1979) has a degree in Literary Theory and a PhD in Spanish Literature from the University of Granada. She has published four books with the publisher Pre-Textos. For her first poetry collection, Color carne (2009), she was awarded the National Radio of Spain Poetry Prize. Her second collection, El falso techo (2013), was chosen as one of the best poetry collections of the year by the critics of El Cultural and was nominated for the Critics’ Prize. Her latest book of poems is called Chocar con algo (2017). As an aphorist, she has published Lenguaraz (2011) and has been included in the anthologies Pensar por lo breve (2013), L’aforisma in Spagna (2014) and Bajo el signo de Atenea (2017), among others. She is currently associate professor of Latin American literature at the University of Granada.