Immanuel Mifsud


Immanuel Mifsud

(Malta), born in 1967. He published four collection of short stories, Stejjer ta’ Nies Koroh (Stories of Ugly People), Il- Ktieb tas-Sibt Filghaxija (The Book for Saturday Evening), Il-Ktieb tal-Mahbubin Midruba (The Book of Maimed Lovers), and L-Istejjer Strambi ta’ Sara Sue Sammut (Sara Sue Sammut’s Strange Stories). Mifsud has two collections of poems published: Fid-Dar ta’ Clara (At Clara’s House), was published in 1998, while Il-Ktieb tar-Rih u l-Fjuri (The Book of the Wind and Flowers), won the second prize in the Malta National Literary Award for poetry (2001). Various works by Mifsud have been translated into English, French, Catalan and Italian. Immanuel Mifsud teaches contemporary literature at the University of Malta College.