János Térey

Debrecen, Hungary, 1970

János Térey

(Hungary) was born in 1970, studied hungarian literature and linguistics at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. After working as an editor for a short time, in the late-1990s he turned to freelancing. Though Térey is known primarily as a poet, but he has also written works of prose. Drawn to longer narratives, he wrote a novel in verse, Paulus, and a play-ballad, A Nibelung-lakópark (The Nibelung Housing Estate). In these, Térey has not only reintroduced Classical forms; he reintroduced and enriched the tradition of the verse-novel. Thanks to two plays, Asztalizene (Table Music) and Jeremias avagy az Isten hidege (Jeremiah or the Lord’s Cold), which have had successful runs in theaters, today Térey is also known as a playwright. The language of his poetry, which is one of the most distinct voices incontemporary Hungarian literature, has added a unique dash of color to contemporary European verse. His debut collection of poems Szétszóratás (Dispersion) was published in 1991. He lives as a poet, playwright and translator in Budapest. He is one of the most important voices of contemporary hungarian literature. He is the winner of many literary and theatre awards, such as The Guild of Theatre Editors' Prize for Best Drama, which he has received several times.