Jianghe Ouyang

Luzhou, China, 1956

Jianghe Ouyang

Jianghe Ouyang, was born in Luzhou (1956, China) is a nationally known poet, and a critic on poetry, music and culture. His works have been published since 1979, including over 200 poems, many articles on poetry, and lots of reviews on contemporary fine art, music, film, and drama. His books published in China include the poem collection Through the Glass of Words (1997), the collection of poems and criticism Who Leave, Who Stay (1997), the collection of reviews and essays Standing on the Side of Fiction (2000), and the poem collection Tears of Things (2008). As a poetry critic, he has made particular contributions to both the theorization and text analysis of contemporary Chinese poetry. Jianghe Ouyang is recognized as one of the most important poets of China since 1980s.