Johanna Venho

Finland, 1971

Johanna Venho

Johanna Venho (1971, Finland) is one of the most prominent poets of her generation in Finland. In 2001 she won the Critics Award as “artistic breakthrough of the year” with her second collection Without a map (Ilman karttaa, 2000). In recent years, Venho has published three novels, five children novels and a number of picture books, working with many Finnish illustrators. The poetry collection of 2006, All of a party (Yhtä juhlaa) won several prizes and was a success also in critics. In 2009 she published Here is light (Tässä on valo). Her newest collection Poems of the island (Saaren runot, 2017) is a journey to loneliness, to an island, where a person also has to face her past and ancestors. Venho is also an active collaborator in literature, having been a chief-editor of a poetry magazine, an occasional critic and also a teacher of creative writing.