Valerie Mejer


Valerie Mejer

(1966) is a poet essayist and painter. As a painter she has been part of diverse poetic collaborations among which are two books by Antonio Prete: Menhir and L’imperfection de la Lune, Los Boteros de la Noche by Raúl Zurita and Ligatures by Forrest Gander. Her poetry books include Geografías de Niebla, Esta Novela Azul, Ante el Ojo del Cíclope, and her most recent de la ola, el atajo published in Spain in Amargord. She has two books translated into English by Michelle Gil-Montero and Forrest Gander and C.D Wright that will be published by Action Books coming this 2013: This blue novel  and Rain of the future. Her poems in English have appeared in Poetry London, Hunger Mountain Review, Fascicle and Nimrod. She is the recipient of two FONCA grants, the Spanish Government’s International Award “Gerardo Diego 1966”, and a recent grant from Sistema Estatal de Creadores to translate the Australian poet Les Murray.