Vlada Urošević

Makedonija, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of, 1934

Vlada Urošević
Vlada Urošević by Robert Jankuloski and dtv

Born in Skopje in 1934. Studied literature at Skopje University, where he works as a full-time professor at the Department of General and Comparative Literature. Numerous volumes of poetry, short stories, and literary criticism. Author of several anthologies. His works have been translated into Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, French, and Polish. He has translated over 30 titles from Macedonian into Serbian and Croatian and some 20 from the other languages of former Yugoslavia and from French into Macedonian. Winner of numerous prizes.

His poetry has a wide range and a consistent sense of style. His verse bears the mark of a hard structure, which makes him a difficult poet to quote in detail; the whole poem is often what makes the point, not the individual images.