Wang Yin

China, 1962

Wang  Yin

Wang Yin (1962, China) is a poet, writer, photographer and journalist. In 2005, he published a collection of his best poems spanning a time period of 20 years. He followed this critically acclaimed collection with Limelight, a 2015 publication that combines new poems with the works included in the 2005 collection. Limelight (Hui guang deng) was awarded the Jiangnan Poetry Award and Dong Dang Zi poetry Award. He participated at numerous international literature and poetry festivals. and reading events. In 2012 he initiated a poetry program called “Poetry Comes to the Museum,” which invites important poets, domestic and international, to give talks and poetry readings at the Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai. Since the program’s inception, 50 poets have participated in its regularly scheduled events. The project won the‘Cultural China Yearly Award’by Oriental Morning Post.