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Tsanko Lalev

(Bulgaria), born in Sofia on August 31, 1962. A University of Sofia graduate in Bulgarian Language and Literature German Language School in Sofia. His publisher is “Pan” Publishing house (1995 - ). Books: Hard Streets (1988), Master of Shackles (1994), four books with verses for children (1996-2001). Awards: - Award for best debut verse collection of the year (1988), “100 books” award of the National Ministry of Culture for best verse collection for “Master of Shackles” (1994) and many national awards for poetry. His works have been translated into Italian, English, German and Serbian

Ekaterina Josifova

Ekaterina  Josifova

(1941), MA in Russian Philology, is a Bulgarian writer and poet. She has also worked as high-school teacher, journalist and editor-in-chief of a literature almanac. She has published twelve poetry collections and two children’s books. Her poetry has been published in different anthologies and literary magazines in Bulgaria and abroad.

Rumen Leonidov

Rumen Leonidov

(Bulgaria), born in 1953. He graduated from Bulgarian language and worked as an editor of several literary magazines. His poetry, short stories and literary criticism are being published in several Bulgarian literary magazines. His seventh book of poetry was published in 1999. He also translates from Russian and French and is a member of Bulgarian writers’ association.

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