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Natalina Ivanova

Natalina Ivanova, born in 1971 in Pleven. Studied Bulgarian in Persian language and literature. Worked as an editor for the Literaturen Forum newspaper, currently works both as ans editor of the Otechestvo Publishing House and as a lecturer for Persion Culture and Civilization at the University of Sofia. Publishes poetry, literary criticicms, essays and translations in major literary periodicals.

Radostina Georgieva Grigorova

Radostina Georgieva Grigorova, born in 1974 in Sofia. Graduated from the English Language high-school and finished English and American studies at the Sofia University. Works as a deputy editor in Egoist - the leading Bulgarian lifestyle magazine. Had her works (poems, short stories, various articles) published in different literary magazines and newspapers. In 1996 she won the First Prize at National Award for young female poetry. Her two books of poetry, Listening to The Foam (1994) and The 100 hours of day (1998), were published as award-winning entries. Also columnist for "Literary Forum" Weekly, and page-editor of its "Wrong Time for Tea" - a monitor for what's happening in the English-speaking literary world. 

Saška Bojanova Aleksandrova

Saška Bojanova Aleksandrova, has published the following books of poetry: Variegated Heart (1992), The Living Words (1993), The Hopes of Nadejda (1994) - play upon words: Nadejda is a Bulgarian woman name which means hope, Door Through The Rain (1996). her poems have also appeared in the Anthology of Veliko Turnovo poetry (1997), Lyric poetry (1997) and different newspapers and magazines.