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Olga Hapejeva / Volha Hapeyeva

Olga Hapejeva /  Volha Hapeyeva

Volha Hapeyeva (Вольга Гапеева), b. in Minsk (Belarus) in 1982.

Volha Hapeyeva is a poet, writer and translator from Minsk (Belarus). She is the author of 7 books. Scholarship-holder of the programs in Germany, Austria and Latvia and prize-winner of literary prizes in Belarus.

Her works were translated into English, German, Polish, Macedonian, Czech and Lithuanian. Participant of numerous literary festivals and conferences (Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, etc.). She also translates from English, German, Chinese, Latvian, Japanese. Holds her PhD in linguistics. Works as associate professor, does researches in the fields of linguistics, philosophy of language, sociology of the body, gender issues in culture and literature.

Collaborates with electronic musicians and gives audio-visual performances. 

Member of Belarusian PEN-Centre and the Union of the Belarusian Writers.

Zmicier Vishniou

Zmicier Vishniou

(Belarus), born in 1973 in Debrecen, Hungary. He is a poet, writer, artist, performer, journalist and co-founder of the first Belarusian Avantgarde movement Bum-Bam- Lit (1995-1998). He is a member of the artist group Schmercwerk, author of several books of poetry and prose, editor and publisher of the magazine Teksty. In 2006, he was writer in residence at Literarisches Colloquium in Berlin and in the art-house Tacheles in Berlin. He lives in Minsk.