Recently added authors

Triin Soomets

Triin Soomets, born in 1969 in Tallin. In 1994 graduated in Estonic Philology. Since 1986 has been publishing her poems in various literary magazines. Published ten collections of poetry.

Doris Kareva

Doris Kareva, born in 1958 in Tallin. Holds BA in English language and literature. Worked at the Estonian cultural weekly Sirp, lately as the editor of poetry, since 1992 she has been secretary-general of the Estonial national Commission for UNESCO. Author of fifteen collections of poems, including selected poetry and a book of children's verse. Translates poetry, prose and drama.

Maarja Kangro

Maarja  Kangro

(1973) is an Estonian poet, writer and author of librettos. She is the author of four poetry collection and was granted many important literary prizes. She has written five opera librettos, texts for cantatas and other works of music. As translator, she has translated fiction, philosophy (Giorgio Agamben, Umberto Eco, Gianni Vattimo) and poetry by more than 100 poets (e. g. Jacopone da Todi, Giacomo Leopardi, Andrea Zanzotto, Valerio Magrelli, Philip Larkin, Bertolt Brecht, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Ernst Jandl). In 2003 she won the first prize of the Societŕ Dante Alighieri competition for translations of Italian poetry. Her poems and short stories have been translated into English, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian and Slovenian.