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Jorge Riechmann Fernández

Jorge Riechmann Fernández, born in 1962 in Madrid. Writes poetry, literary, political and sociological essays. Translates German and French literature. Holds an MA in Political Sciens, has also dealt with Mathematics, Philosophy and German Literature. Works as a professor at the Barcelona university, Department of Sociology and Methodology of the Social Sciences, as well as at the Confederal Department of Ecology in Madrid and at the Fundation Primerno de Mayo. He is also an editor of several magazines. His poems have also appeared in numerous anthologies. Has also published a number of translations and works from the field of Social Sciences. 

Aurora Luque

Aurora Luque, born in 1962 in Almeria. Read Classical Philology at the Granada University. Currently teaches Ancient Greek at Malaga. Has published seventeen books of poetry. Her poems have also been published in various anthologies of Spanish peotry. She has translated the women poets of Ancient Greece. 

Begonya Mezquita

Begonya Mezquita

Begonya Mezquita was born in Sagunt in 1968. She has published several poetry collections:El perfecte somriure (1989), Entre la distància exacta i la nit (1991), Signes de Terra (2000) and Una illa (2007). Her works have been included in numerous anthologies and literary magazines: Homenatge als trobadors (1989), Les veus de la medusa. Vint-i-una poetes valencianes (1991), Vida contemplativa. Homenatge a Vicent Andrés Estellés (1992) and Dotze poetes joves valencianes (2000).