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Anne Portugal

Anne  Portugal

Anne Portugal (1949, France) is poet and translator. She has published a dozen of books, the major ones at P.O.L. editions, Les commodités d’une banquette 1985, De quoi faire un mur 1987, Le plus simple appareil 1992, définitif bob 2001, la formule flirt 2010, et comment nous voilà moins épais 2017. She translated with Caroline Dubois, Paramour de Stacy Doris, P.O.L. 2010, et L’anglais mêlé de Caroline Bergvall, avec Abigail lang et Vincent Broqua, aux Presses du réel, en 2018. Anne Portugal is interested by the syntax – or more precisely the « fantax » - working to introduce disruptions, jumpings, speeding up and slowing down. She associates poetry to flirt, and defines it as an art of not touching it, and plays to deconstruct commonplaces of poetry and theoric analyses.

Laurent Dimitri

Laurent Dimitri, born in 1970. Has published five books: La Nuit Myrtide, Morning Shower (1992), Abrosophie (Treesophie 21) (1995), Phrases Baume-Balle-Boulet (1996), Waiting for Virginy (1997). Has contributed to various magazines and participated in several festivals of poetry.



Yekta (1979, France) is a poet and a musician. He has been published in many poetry reviews and in several anthologies and has released three poetry books. He is involved in the French-English Poetry Festival and is in charge of several tasks in its magazine, La Traductière, an international review of poetry and visual arts. As a composer, guitarist, pianist, narrator and singer, Yekta collaborates with several projects linked to poetry. Recently, he has composed the soundtrack for videopoems Statue (2015) and The Way of Dreams (2016) directed by Nicolas Sandanassamy. In 2016, he released his first piano E.P., which accompanies the book Le mangeur de reflets.

Yekta is coming to Days of Poetry and Wine festival as a member of Versopolis platform, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.