Recently added authors

George Nakhutsrishvili

George Nakhutsrishvili, born in 1971 in Moscow, lives and works in Tbilisi. In 1993 graduated in History. Several of his plays have been written for puppet theatres. He has published eight collections of poetry. During the 1990s he was a journalist, now he lectures in Contemporary World Literature. His first collection of short stories, Tractate of Foolishness, appeared in 2015.

Rati Amaglobeli

Rati Amaglobeli, born in 1977 in Tbilisi. Has finished German secondary school in Tbilisi and studied Philosophy at the Georgian State University, specialized in Theology. Has published poems in several Georgian newspapers and literary magazines and three collections of poems. In 1998 he was awarded the first prize in the Nietzche poem competition for the translation of Nietzche's poem "Vereinsamt" into Georgian. 

Amiran Svimonishvili

Amiran Svimonishvili, born in 1974 in Tibilisi. In 1995 he graduated in German Language and Literature. Was a post-graduate student at the Institute of Philosophy. Has published four collections, his poems have also appeared in various magazines.