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Hungarian focus 2017

With the support of the Balassi Institute in Ljubljana and Hungarian Writers' Association we will pay special attention to contemporary Hungarian poetry, as well as wine. We will host Ottó Tolnai, János Térey, Krisztina Tóth and István Vörös, who will participate in the pre-festival Hungarian-Slovene translation workshop in the company of Slovene colleagues Kristina Kočan, Ivo Svetina, Milan Vincetič and Andrej Brvar as well as the translator from Hungarian into Slovene, Gabriela Gaal. They will translate each other's poetry and present the translations at the main festival stage during the evening readings. Festival visitors will have a unique opportunity of tasting Hungarian wine as well – there will be wines by a Hungarian vintner available for wine tasting at the Wine Altar every evening from 19.00 till 22.00.

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Hungarian focus is financially supported by Balassi Insitute in Ljubljana and the Hungarian Writers' Society.

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