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Amir Or

Amir Or

AMIR OR, a leading Israeli poet, was recognized as a major new generation voice in world literature. Born in Tel Aviv, he is descendant of a renowned Rabbis dynasty. Or published 12 poetry books in Hebrew and 23 in translation in Europe, America and Asia. His latest poetry books are Loot – selected poems 1977-2013 (2013) and Wings (2015). He gave readings and lectured in dozens of festivals and conferences worldwide. His poetry, translated into more than 40 languages, won him national and international awards, including the Prime Minister's Prize, the Fulbright Award for Writers, the Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa award 2015, the European Atlas of Lyrics 2016, and the Blue-Met World Through Poetry award 2017.  His novels include The Song of Tahira (2001), a fictional epic in metered prose and The Kingdom (2015), a novel about the life of King David. He also published 8 books of his translations from English and from Ancient Greek, including The Gospel of Thomas and an anthology of Classical Erotic Poetry. Or is the founder of Helicon Poetry Society and the Hebrew-Arabic Poetry School. He has served as national coordinator of the U.N-sponsored Poets for Peace and currently as editor of the Catuv poetry series. 

Amir Or will visit Days od Poetry and Wine with the support of the Embassy of Israel in Vienna.

Sharon Hass

(Israel), born in 1966. She has studied and taught classics at Tel Aviv University, and now lectures on literature and poetry at the Kerem Institute in Jerusalem. She published two collections of poetry: The Stranger and Everyday Woman and The Mountain Mother is Gone. She has represented Israel at poetry festivals in Macedonia and Rotterdam. In 2003 she won the prestigious Prime Minister of Israel Award for Writers. Her poems have been translated to various languages and anthologized.