Recently added authors

Alberto Princis

Alberto Princis, born in 1959 in Gorizia, where he lives. Gratuated from the University of Bologna, presenting a thesis in the psychology of the arts. He then devoted himself to the study and practice of therapeutic biopsychical techniques such as reflexology and shiatsu. Has published books of poetry, a book of aforism, epigrams and miscellaneous prose, his poems also appeared in an anthology of the poets of Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

Luciano Paronetto

Luciano Paronetto, born in 1960. Studied literature in Venice and Cultural Anthropology in Urbin. Apart from writing poetry he is concerned with painting, video and photography. In 1994 his books Sublunar Landscapes and Short short stories were published. Being a multimedia artist, he often performs live. 

Roberto Dedenaro

Roberto Dedenaro, poet in publicist, lives in Trieste, where he teaches Italian literature in secodary school. Has published three books of poetry and edited two anthologies of contemporary Italian poetry. Between 1990-94 he was the president of Gruppo 85, an association founded in Triest in 1985 in order to improve the connections between the people with Slovenian and Italian mother tongues in Friuli Venezia Giulia.