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Justyna Bargielska

Justyna Bargielska

Justyna Bargielska (1977) is a poet and writer living in Warsaw. She was a laureate of the Rainer Maria Rilke Poetry Competition (2001) and the Jacek Bierezina Special Award (2002). She received the Gdynia Literary Award twice (2010 and 2011) and was nominated for the Wisława Szymborska Award and Nike Award. Bargielska's latest book, *Nudelman* (2014), contains dark and upsetting poetry, far from her old playfulness and lightness. She »takes on a new, stronger, at times brutal yet still poetic story. She reminds us that man is not invincible but rather breakable.« (Biuro Literackie)

Andrzej Sosnowski

Andrzej  Sosnowski

(1959) is a Polish poet, translator and essayist, as well a lecturer in American literature at Warsaw University and an editor at the monthly Literatura na Świecie. He has published eight collections of poetry as well as translations of Ezra Pound, John Ashbery, Jane Bowles, Ronald Firbank and others. He has been the recipient of several important prizes and has also been nominated for the NIKE Prize, the most prestigious literary award in Poland.

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