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Bartłomiej Majzel

Bartłomiej  Majzel

Bartłomiej Majzel (1974, Poland), poet, journalist, reporter, radio music presenter and a traveller. He published several poetic books: Worminess (Robaczywość, 1997), Downhill (Bieg Zjazdowy, 2001), White Africa (Biała Afryka, 2005), Check-in (Doba Hotelowa, 2009), Terror (2015). Nominated for the Paszport Polityki Award. The author is also the youngest laureate of the Four Columns Literary Award. His poetry was translated into English, Serbian, Welsh, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Czech, Slovenian and Slovakian. The poet represented Poland in numerous international literary festivals. Co-founder of the NaDziko poetic group. He lives in Katowice.

Miłosz Biedrzycki

Miloš (Miłosz) Biedrzycki, born in 1967 in Koper, has been living in Krakow since 1974. He has studied Physics, Geophysics and Computer Science in Krakow. In 1993 graduated in Geophysics. 

Julia Szychowiak

Julia Szychowiak

Julia Szychowiak (1986, Poland) is a poet. Her debut collection, After Myself (Po sobie, 2007), received the Silesius Poetry Award and the Prize of the Polish Society of Book Publishers in 2008 as well as the Gazeta Wyborcza wARTo Award in 2009. The collection was preceded by a 2006 pamphlet entitled The Breakfast After (Poprawiny), winner of Połów, a project run by publishing house Biuro Literackie to showcase new poets. In 2009, Szychowiak published Common Language (Wspólny język) and in 2014 Intro, nominated for the 2015 Silesius Poetry Award. Her work appears in various journals and anthologies. Her poems have been translated into English, Spanish, German, Bulgarian and Slovak. She lives in Księżyce and Warsaw.

Julia Szychowiak is coming to Days of Poetry and Wine festival as a member of Versopolis platform, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.