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Ghada Shafi

Ghada Shafi, born in 1977 in Acco. Has first published in local newspapers and magazines. Participation in several poetry evenings in her country. Attended an Arab poetry festival in Cairo, where she read some of her poems. In 1997 participated in a literary Festival in Italy where she performed on stage together with other young poets from different countries. Studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, majoring in Philosophy and Comparative Literature. She is publishing her poems in litarary newspapers and magazines.

Gajas Al-Madhun

Gajas Al-Madhun

(1979) was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Al Yarmouk, Syria. An author and journalist, while living in Syria he studied Arabic Literature at Damscus University and published two collections of poetry, including Poems that fell down by mistake (Arab Writers’ Union, 2004), which won the Mazra’a prize. He emigrated to Sweden in 2008, and was granted permanent residency there in 2011. A Swedish translation of his work, Asylansökan (Ersatz Förlag), was published in 2010.