Recently added authors

Dan Coman

(1975) is currently studying philosophy. His first poetry collection Anul cartitei galbene (The Year of the Yellow Mole) was published in 2003, followed in 2005 by his second collection Ghinga, published in Bucharest. In 2004, Dan Coman received a Mihail Eminescu – opera prima award for his first poetry collection, and an award given by Romanian Writers’ Association for a first literary work. He published an anthology of his poetry entitled D Great Coman in 2007

Daniel Banulescu

Born in 1960. His first poetry book was entitled I will love you till the end of the bed, 1993 but he has also published a novel I'll kiss your ass, Dear leader, 1994; poetry book Daniel Banulescu's Ballad, 1997, novel Seven Kings of Bucarest, 1998 and poetry selection Federal Republic of Daniel Banuelscu, 2000. He has gained several scholarships and won Romanian Literature Prize from Romanian Academy of Science and Art. He has been translated into English, French, German and Serbian and has a BA from Faculty for fuel and gasses. He is a member of Romanian writers's union and of Romanian PEN. 

Sorin Paliga

Sorin Paliga, born in 1956 in Slatina, Studied Czech and English Language and Literature. At that time he began the investigation of Slavic heritage in Romania and southeast Europe. A series of studies - manly regarding linguistics and religion - were published. Has completed his doctorial thesis Romance and Pre-Romance Influences in South Slavic. Has published numerous artivles, studies, translations and books of poems and short stories.