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Dragana Mladenović

Dragana Mladenović

Dragana Mladenović was born in Frankenberg, Germany on Jun 30, 1977. She received her BA in Serbian literature and language from the Philology faculty of Belgrade University and also received an MA in Literature as Science with the thesis on the poetry of Vojislav Despotov. She has published the following collections of poems: Nema u tome nimalo poezije (Smederevo: Zlatna struna, 2003 and Pančevo: Udruženje književnika i književnih prevodilaca, 2004); Raspad sistema (Belgrade: 2005), Tvornica (Belgrade: Fabrika knjiga, 2006), Asocijalni program (Vršac: Književna opština Vršac, KOV, 2007),  Omot spisa (Belgrade: Fabrika knjiga, 2008), Rodbina (Belgrade: Fabrika knjiga, 2010), and Magda (Belgrade: Fabrika knjiga, 2012).  Her collection, Rodbina has also been translated into German and Swedish. Her work has been published in numerous anthologies, literary magazines and comic strip editions. She lives in a Pančevo and works as a journalist for the weekly magazine, Pančevac. She has received the following awards: the award of Smederevo Poetry Autumn, an award from the Pančevo City Library for the book of the year 2003, and Laza Lazarević award from Šabac for a story in 2007.

Ana Seferović

Ana  Seferović

Ana Seferović, born on December 9th 1976 in Belgrade, Serbia, now based in London. She has written three collections of poetry: Duboki kontinent (Deep Continent – Matica Srpska, 2000), Beskrajna zabava (Endless Entertainment – Narodna knjiga, 2004) and Zvezda od prah-šećera (A Star Made of Icing Sugar – Association of Writers and Translators Pančevo, 2012). Among other languages, her poetry has been translated and published in French, German, Polish, Hungarian and Russian. Collaborating with Tamara Šuškić and Tanja Marković, she is also the author of two plays, with performances on Serbian national radio, one of which was nominated for best new play at the Sterijino Pozorje Competition for the best original contemporary dramatic text. She is involved with international web-based poetry platforms as one of the editors of and Levure Littéraire, and is currently engaged in numerous cross-over art projects in collaboration with various musicians and visual artists.


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