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Leonid Kočetkov

Leonid Kočetkov, vorn in 1977 in Moscow. He appeared in the natioinal literary circles very early and participated in several poetry festivals, among others in "Vers libre" in Moscow 1994 and in the Bulgarian poetry festival 1997. Studied Creative Writing at the Institute of Literature in Moscow.

Tatjana Ščerbina

Tatjana Ščerbina

Tatiana Shcherbina was born in Moscow in 1954. She is a graduate of the Moscow State University. Five collections of her poetry, as well as her novel, were published in samizdat. In 1989 she represented alternative (“other”) literature at the Poetry International of Rotterdam, where she met Joseph Brodsky and Derek Walcott. Brodsky encouraged Walcott to translate Shcherbina’s poem “O predelah” (“About Limits”). In 1989, Shcherbina’s poems began appearing in official Soviet press. In 1991, she began working for Radio Liberty in Munich, and from 1992 to 1997 lived in Paris, still working for the Radio. Shcherbina writes poems in French and Russian and has translated a number of French poets into the Russian language. Her own poetry has been widely translated. She had returned to Russia in 1997 and now lives in Moscow, working as deputy editor of Vestnik Evropy since 2001.

Vadim Stipantsov

(Russia), born by chance on the 9th September 1960 in the Hospital of Imperial Air Force of Japan near Tokyo. He studied at the Institute of the Meat and Milk Industry, but did not finish it. He tried many professons, from plumber to street card player, and in 1983 he joined the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow, which he finished in 1988. In the same year he founded the "Order of Courtois Mannerism" – a school of new sensual poetic style. In the Manifesto the group declared the rebirth of Russian literary language in all its glory, elegance and pagan joy. Besides from being an internationally famous poet, Vadim is also a renowned writer of songs for rock and pop bands and a singer of the vandal rock band "Bakhyt-Kompot."