Recently added authors

Helena Eriksson

Helena Eriksson, born in 1962, has been living in Gothenburg since 1982. Studied philosophy. Works as a member of the editorial board of the Ord & Bild magazine. 

Aase Berg

Aase Berg, born in 1967 in Stockholm. Studied literature, works as an editor at the literary magazine 90TAL.

Ida Linde

Ida Linde

Ida Linde (1980, Sweden) grew up in Umeå but now lives in Stockholm where she is a teacher of Creative Writing at the Biskop-Arnös Writers School. She debuted in 2006 with poetry collection/ poetic prose novel Maskinflickans testamente (The Machine girl's will) that revolves around football and personal loss. Linde has written a variety of critically acclaimed novels, among them En kärleksförklaring (A declaration of love) and Norrut åker man för att dö (You go north in order to die). Her second collection of poems, Räkneboken (Counting book), is as much a collection of aphorisms as it is a veritable textbook. She also writes and directs for the theatre. Whatever the genre, Linde is known for her linguistic density and an alarmingly poetic suggestion.

Ida Linde is coming to Days of Poetry and Wine through European poetry platform Versopolis.