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Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen, born in 1978 in Lodz, Poland. Since 1982 has been living in Slovakia. Studied Philosophy, Estetics and scriptwriting. Has been involved in poetry since her early age, has taken part in several literary cometitions. 

Jana Bodnárová

Jana Bodnárová

She studied the Fine Art Theory at Comenius University in Bratislava. She works as a freelance writer and art historian in Košice and is considered "one of the most original Slovak writers of the middle generation" with her work having "an important place in the Slovak post-modern scene".

She made her debut with a book of short stories An Affair of the Mind (1990) that won her the Ivan Krasko Prize for the debut of the year. To date, she has published 19 books for both adults and children, including four books of poetry: Terra Nova (1991), Whis-per-ings (1995), Gemini (2001, under the penname Johanna Blum) and From the Peripheries (2013).

A selection from her poetry collection Whis-per-ings has been translated into Arabic, one of the poems and an essay also into Persian and Japanese. Her prose flashlight/flashdark came out in Poland (1997). Her fictional autobiography Almost Invisible was nominated for the prestigious Anasoft Litera Award in 2009. Some of her short stories have been translated and anthologized into various European languages as well as Hindi.

Being a renowned playwright, a number of her poetic plays have already been put on stage:  Sleeping Town (1987), Saturday Night (2003, also published in French), The Oriental Dance Course (1st place in the "Drama 2004" competition, performed in the Slovak National Theatre, 2006), The Girl from the Bottom of the Sea (2010) and The Cradle (2011). Her play The China Latern Parade has been translated into English, with parts also translated into Hindi and German; broadcast by the Slovak national radio (2001).

She occasionally writes screenplays and directs her performing video poetry presented at numerous national and international festivals (e.g. Berlin, Kyoto, London, Novi Sad).

The Slovak Radio has broadcast more than ten of her radio plays for adults and children, while STV has made two of her screenplays into films: The Sad Waltz and The Small Town Fragments.

Ľubica Somolayová

Ľubica Somolayová

(Slovakia), born in 1979, studied history and literature at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius-University, Bratislava. In 2002 she joined Institute of Slovak Literature, Slovak Academy of Arts and Science. She has written extensively on contemporary Slovak and European literature (especially on poetry) in professional press. She has written a Ph.D. thesis on romantic poetry. She teaches literature at the University of Trnava. She is an editor at the international poetry festival and publishing house Ars Poetica. Her first collection Eyes Wide Shut was published bilingually in San José, Costa Rica (2006) and in Slovak in Bratislava (2007).