Aleš Šteger

/Slovenia, 1973
Aleš Šteger

Aleš Šteger (b. 1973) holds degrees in Comparative Literature and German from the University of Ljubljana. He has published four acclaimed poetry collections and a travel book on Peru, Včasih je januar sredi poletja (Sometimes January Comes in the Middle of Summer), followed by travel book Berlin
Šteger’s poems have met with an enthusiastic reception from readers and critics at home and abroad. They have been translated into Croatian, Slovak, Czech, German, English, Bulgarian; Spanish and Lithuanian selections of his poems are in preparation. Šteger is one of the founders of the international poetry festival in Medana and was its programme director from 1994 to 2004. He is also the editor of the Koda theory imprint.
Šteger’s literary creativity has for some years been explorative, converging with and diverging from other types of art, in particular the visual arts (e.g. the V tvari exhibition in collaboration with painter Dušan Fišer) and music (e.g. the Cum grano salis project with composer Uroš Rojko, and Kamen (Stone) with Peter S. Gruber).


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