Ana Pepelnik

Ana Pepelnik

Ana Pepelnik is a poet and a translator. Her first poetry collection Ena od varijant kako ravnati s skrivnostjo (Prišleki, LUD Literatura) was published in 2007. Her second poetry collection Utrip oranžnih luči na semaforjih (2009) and third collection Cela večnost (2013) were published by the same publishing house. She translates poetry of the young and not so young American generation, which includes Joshua Beckman, Matthew Zapruder, Matthew Rohrer, Noelle Kocot, Jennifer Clement, James Schuyler and Elizabeth Bishop.

In her other free time she is a radio speaker at Radio Študent and a voice researcher at many word/sound/silence/creaking/noise events like the international project Metropoetica, but mostly just as the fifth wheel of the CPG cast. She preffers to live, work and sleep in Ljubljana.


Coca cola / Kokakola

Suddenly snow / Nenadoma sneg

Poem / Pesem

Sonnets / Soneti

Take off / Vzlet