Ana Svetel

/Slovenia, 1990
Ana Svetel

Ana Svetel (1990) is an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist and works at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. She is an established poet, short story writer, storyteller, and columnist. Her poetry collection Lepo in prav (Good and Proper) was shortlisted for the Best Debut in 2015, and in 2019 she published a collection of short stories Dobra družba (Good Company), which was nominated for the Novo Mesto Award. Radio Slovenia has produced a series of radio plays, titled Prevozi (Rides) and based on her short stories. In 2020, she was a poet-in-residence within the Reading Balkans network. Her poems and stories have been translated into English, Portuguese, Croatian, and Bosnian, and have been included in foreign-language anthologies. She is a member of the international poetry platform Versopolis. In addition to literature, she is also active in music.


The Segment / Daljica

The Circle / Krog

The Square / Kvadrat

The Octagon / Osemkotnik

The Line / Premica

Points / Točke

The Triangle / Trikotnik