András Gerevich

András Gerevich

(1976) is a Hungarian poet, screenwriter and literary translator. His poetry is known to be clear, pellucid, and free of metaphor and simile as to be almost pure speech. He has published three books of poems in Hungarian, and a selection of his work has been translated into English by George Szirtes et al. His poems have been selected into several anthologies in a number of languages and published in journals and magazines. He is also the scriptwriter for short animation films. He has translated a number of English speaking poets and writers into Hungarian, including Seamus Heaney and the filmmaker David Lynch.


In the storybook / A mesekonyvben...

Anglers on the bodrog / Bodrogi horgászok

Family chronometer / Családi időszámítás

Family holiday / Családi vakáció

Desire / Desire

Seasons / Évszakok

Cage / Kalitka

Christmas shopping / Karácsonyi nagybevásárlás után

Mediterranean / Mediterrán

Spring / Tavasz

Tiresias’s confession / Teiresziász