Andrej Brvar

/Slovenia, 1945
Andrej Brvar

ANDREJ BRVAR (1945), poet, writer and editor, graduated in Comparative Literature and Italian Language at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. He served as fiction and poetry editor at Obzorja and later at Študentska založba Litera. Since his creative beginnings, he has been close to socially progressive and avant-garde circles. As a member of the 442 group, which brought together well-known Slovenian artists and writers, he thus participated in The Noble Rot of Pupilija Ferkeverk (Žlahtna plesen Pupilije Ferkeverk), directed by Dušan Jovanović in 1969. He was also a member of the famous Maribor five, who co-authored and published Together (Skupaj, 1973), arguing for polycentrism. He has published nine books of poetry: Picture Book (Slikanica, 1969), Who Killed Holofernes (Kdo je ubil Holoferna, 1973), Poems (Pesmi, 1975), Eighteen Poems Plus an Addendum (Osemnajst pesmi plus dodatek, 1979), An Epic Poem on the Creation of a Book of Poetry (Pesnitev o tem, kako je nastajala neka pesniška zbirka, 1981), Epics and Poems (Pesnitve in pesmi, 1990), Afternoon (Popoldan, 1996), Flotsam (Naplavine, 2004) and Material (2013). Brvar has also written three children’s and young adult books: Homework (Domača naloga, 1985), A Little Odyssey (Mala odiseja, 1988) and A Winter Romance (Zimska romanca, 1988), as well as radio plays A Circumstance Turned Flesh (Slučaj, ki je meso postal, performed in 1978–79), A Polished Craw (Glanc na golši, performed in 1984), Watermelon (Lubenica, performed in 1985) and Let the Sky Run Out (Naj se nebo izteče, performed in 1993). Brvar has also won numerous literary prizes, among them the Glazer and Kajuh Awards as well as the Prešeren Fund Award and the full Prešeren Award.


A Necklace of Blue and Mosaic Glass and Jet Beads Embellished with Gold / Ogrlica iz modrih in mozaičnih, s pozlato okrašenih jagod iz stekla in gagata

A Walnut Tree in November / Oreh novembra

A Drinking Poem / Pivska

Prelude / Preludij

Crab / Rakovica

Meeting Leon Štukelj / Srečanje z Leonom Štukljem