Andrej Hočevar

Andrej Hočevar

(Slovenia), born in 1980. He studied
Comparative Literature and is now an
essayist, a critic and the author of three
books of poetry: Vračanja (Returnings,
2002, nominated for the best first collection),
Ribe in obzornice (Fish and Horizons, 2005) and Pesmi o koscih in
podobnostih (Poems about Mowers and
Resemblances, 2007). He is a member
of the editorial board of the journal
Literatura and its poetry and fiction
series Prišleki. In 2005 he prepared a
project of sound poetry, and in 2007
he founded a project of “rabid poetry
and rabid music”, called Mrtvi psi (Dead
Dogs). In the band The Real Things he
puts up an act of a rocker.


Outplayings / Izigravanja

Poem / Pesem

Slowly accepting my boundaries / Počasi sprejemajoč svoje meje