Anna Aguilar-Amat

/Spain, 1962
Anna Aguilar-Amat

Anna Aguilar-Amat (1962) is a Catalan poet, translator, researcher and university professor. She has a PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where she now teaches at the Translation Faculty. She published several specialised texts in that field and other subjects as minorized languages, knowledge engineering, divergent thinking, etc. She came to the foreground of Catalan poetry when she was awarded three of the most prestigious literary prizes for her books Trànsit entre dos vols (Transit between Two Flights, 2001), Música i escorbut (Music and Scurvy, 2002), and Petrolier, (Oil Tanker, 2003). She has also published poetry books Coses Petites (Little Things, 2002), Jocs de l’oca (The Goose Games, 2006), and a book of essays El plaer de la lectura (The Pleasure of Reading, 2004).


The poet is coming to the festival with the support of Institut Ramon Lull.


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