Anna Terék

/Hungary, 1984
Anna Terék

Anna Terék (1984, Hungary) was born in Bačka Topola, Vojvodina, in (former) Yugoslavia. She works as a school psychologist in Budapest. Her first poetry collection Tear of the Smile (Mosolyszakadás) was published in Vojvodina in 2007, in 2011 her second collection Danube Street (Duna utca) received the Sinkó Ervin Prize. She also received the Csáth Géza Prize and the Sziveri János Prize for her third collection of poems Dead Women (Halott nők) in 2017. Her recent collection Back on the Sun (Háttal a napnak) was awarded the Füst Milán Prize in 2020. Terék's first play Jelentkezzenek a legjobbak!/Neka se jave najbolji! was presented in 2012 in the Serbian National Theatre. She currently holds the Térey János scholarship for writing poems and translating a Croatian novel to Hungarian.



In Thick Fog / Sűrű ködben

On the Way to Magadan / Út Magadanba