Anne Talvaz

/France, 1963
Anne Talvaz

Anne Talvaz, born in Brussels in 1963, currently lives in Paris with her husband and son. She works as a freelance commercial translator and has published poetry in various reviews and anthologies, as well as a short volume, Le Rouge-Gorge Américan (The American Robin), in 1997. Her works: Imagines (2002), Panaches de mer, lithophytes & coquilles (2006), Entre deux mers (2003), Ce que nous sommes (2008),  Un départ annoncé. Trois années en Chine (2010), Confessions d'une Joconde, suivi de Pourquoi le Minotaure est triste (2010). She has translated American and Latin American poetry. 


/ End of the World, 9

/ Sanctuaire