Anni Sumari

Anni Sumari

(Finland) Anni Sumari (born in Helsinki
in 1965) is a Finnish poet and author of
eight books (poems, short prose, a
novel) so far: Travel stories from the
Darkness (Matkakertomuksia pimeydestä),
1986; Beautiful Dreamer, 1987;
The Enshortening Song (Lyhenevä
laulu), 1992, Sarcophagus (Sarkofagi),
1994; The Giant of Your Life (Sinun
elämäsi jättiläinen), 1996; Measure and
Quantity (Mitta ja määrä), 1998; The
Sinerian (Sineriaani), 2000; Train Play
(Junanäytelmä), 2001. She studied general literature and media /communication
studies at the University of
Helsinki. She has worked as a PR officer
and consultant for 6 years, and now she
works as a free writer, translator, and
visual artist. She was translated into
Russian, Spanish, Swedish, German,
Latvian and Lithuanian and she was
awarded a national book prize »The
Dancing Bear Prize« for the best poetry
book of the year 1998.


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