Asko Künnap

Asko Künnap

(Estonia) was born in Tartu. Early chilhood
spent in Helsinki. He studied at
the design department of the Estonian
Academy of Arts for 7 years. He is artis tic leader and shareholder in the advertising
agency Zoom. Over the last four
years he has drawn and displayed three
exhibitions of free graphics and compiled
two Books containing his graphic
art and texts: Pimeduse vastu (Against
Darkness) and Kokkusattumuste kaitseks
(In Defence of Coincidences ).
After a ten years pause he is writing
poetry again. At the turn of the century,
he, J. Rooste and K.-M. Sinijärv published
a joint capitalist-realistic collection
Neid vigu me ei korda (Those
Mistakes We Will Not Repeat, 2000).


/ Ei ridagi enam

/ Linnud mustist sőstraist

/ Mardikaina, mutukaina linnad

/ Olen sinuta ma laika kosmoses

/ Üleeelviimane kiri

/ Valus argihaldjas