Barbara Korun

/Slovenia, 1963
Barbara Korun

Barbara Korun (1963, Ljubljana) graduated in Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. She taught at grammar schools for almost two decades. For several years she also worked as a language advisor at the Slovenian National Theatre, now she works as a freelance writer. Her first collection of poems  received the award for the best debut of the year, and her fourth collection Pridem takoj (“Back Soon”, 2011) won the Veronika Award for the best Slovenian poetry collection of the year. She also writes reviews and essays and actively promotes women’s poetry. Since 2013, she has organised regular monthly meetings to promote the work of Slovenian female poets, for which she won the Mira Prize of the Slovenian PEN Centre in 2020.


Cold fire / Hladni ogenj

Poem / Jajce

Snakes / Kače

The pythia / Pitija

Chasms / Razpoke

Sisyphus / Sizif