Barbara Korun

Barbara Korun

(Slovenia) Born in 1963 in Ljubljana. She graduated in the Slovene language and comparative literature. She lives and teaches in Ljubljana. She publishes
poems, and occasionally writes about literature. In 1999 her collection of poetry Ostrina miline was published and awarded as the best »maiden« book of
the year. Her poems were published in various anthologies and translated into English, German, Italian, Polish, Bosnian, Macedonian and Slovak language.
In 2003 her new collection of poetry Chasms was published in the USA. The same year she became a secretary of Slovene center PEN and began to work at two literary reviews: Apokalipsa and Nova revija.


Cold fire / Hladni ogenj

Poem / Jajce

Snakes / Kače

The pythia / Pitija

Chasms / Razpoke

Sisyphus / Sizif