David Bedrač

/Slovenia, 1978
David Bedrač

(Slovenia), born in 1978, is a slovenian poet, essayist, literary critic and author of literary and cultural articles. He is the author of poetry books for adults: Neskončnost (1998), Poezija pomolov (2001), Pesmi iz šipe (2006) and Centimetri sveta (to be published this year). He also writes children’s literature, he has published a collection of children’s poetry, a picture book titled Pesniška hiša (2008), this year Gugajčki in gugaji is also due to be published. He runs literary workshops and camps all across Slovenia as well as the Literary club in Ptuj. He has written a poetry handbook titled Brez uteži (2007). He is especially dedicated to the literary creativity of young people. He was awarded the first prize at the Litera competition (1999) and the ptujska oljenka (2007).


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