Dénes Krusovszky

Dénes Krusovszky

Born in Debrecen in 1982. Hungarian poet, critic and translator, currently lives in Budapest. He has six books published in different genres from poetry through children poetry and essays to short stories. His poems were translated to English, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Polish, Swedish, Romanian among others, and the German translation of Elromlani milyen (Wie Schön das Kaputtgehen ist) came out in 2011 at Merz und Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany. Krusovszky is also the editor of the JAK World Literature Series (a book series of contemporary foreign fiction and poetry in Hungarian, introducing both young foreign authors and young Hungarian literary translators).


His participation at Days of Poetry and Wine was supported by the Szépírók Társasága organisation.


/ A bankett

The wife / A feleség

The spring / A forrás

/ A második

/ Eszerint így

/ Levél

/ Pompeji azelőtt