Dimitris Angelis

/Greece, 1973
Dimitris Angelis

Dimitris Angelis (1973, Greece) has published seven collections of poetry, as well as essays, studies and short stories. His collection Anniversary was awarded the Porfyras Prize of the Academy of Athens and his collection A deer weeping on my bed was awarded with the National Poetry Prize. He was Editor of Nea Efthini literary magazine (2011–2013) and he is currently Editor of Frear (National Prize for the best literary magazine, 2014). He is president of Poets’ Circle in Greece.


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What René Magritte said when i sent him the manuscript of this book / Τι είπε ο Ρενέ Μαγκρίτ όταν του έστειλα τα χειρόγραφα αυτού του βιβλίου