Gunnar Harding

Gunnar Harding

Swedish poet, translator, editor. Born in 1940. Lives in Stockholm. Gunnar Harding has published eighteen volumes of his own poems since 1967. His poems have been translated into several languages. 1989 - 2000 he was editor of Artes, a magazine of the arts, published by The Swedisk Academy, The Academy of Music and the Academy of Fine Arts. In March 2014 a large collection of his poems was published in USA, translated by Roger Greenwald, Guarding the Air. Gunnar Harding has translated English, French and American poetry into Swedish and published around 20 anthologies of his translations.


/ 1949 (Ericastiftelsens barnpedagogiska institut)

/ 1953

/ 1962 (K4 i Umeå)

Many were here, but they left again / Många var här men de reste igen

The enchanted world of the fairytale / Sagans förtrollade värld

Tidewater / Tidvatten