Linda Maria Baros

/France, 1981
Linda Maria Baros

Linda Maria Baros (1981, France), a poet, translator, and publisher, holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Sorbonne University. She is the author of La nageuse désossée. Légendes métropolitaines (“The Boneless Swimmer. Metropolitan Legends”) and 5 other poetry books, and has translated 43 books. Her poems have been translated into 40 languages. Baros won the prestigious Apollinaire Prize in 2007 and is now Secretary-General of the jury board. She is a full member of the Mallarmé Academy and serves as Vice President of the French PEN Club. Baros is Director of the La Traductière publishing house and the French-English Poetry Festival, as well as Editor-in-chief of the poetry and visual art magazine La Traductière.


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/ À la carrière

/ Le motard a le compteur de vitesse cloué au front

/ Mon père